1st UGIRA Congress (UGIRA 2023)
in conjunction with the 6th Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Society of Thoracic Surgeons
Daily Program
Room 201 
TimeSessionSpeech TitleSpeakerModerator
12:00-12:15<Main Plenary>
Topic 1: Different Robotic Systems
Differences of actual and upcoming robotic systemsPeter GrimmingerJelle Ruurda
Hsu-Kai Huang
12:15-12:30Convergent Technologies and the future of Digital Robotic Surgery Asif Chaudry
12:30-12:45Surgery in the era of artificial intelligenceIvo A.M.J. Broeders
12:45-13:00Single Port Robotic Esophageal Surgery using Da Vinci SP system and Artisential Instrument for Thoracic SurgeryHyun Koo Kim
13:00-13:40Keynote Speech 1The Future is Intuitive  (Sponsored by Intuitive)Daniel S. OhYin-Kai Chao
13:40-13:55<Main Plenary>  
Topic 2: Difficult Cases (Both for Benign and Malignancy)
Robotic enucleation of huge leiomyomaSeong Yong ParkRubens A A Sallum
Han-Shui Hsu
13:55-14:10How to close the diaphragm in extreme hiatal hernia's
Ivo A.M.J. Broeders
14:10-14:25Paraconduit Hernia Repair, Replaced Left Hepatic Artery Preservation, BleedingInderpal Sarkaria
14:25-14:40Conversion Robotic Esophagectomy for cT4bHiroyuki Daiko
14:40-14:55Robotic resections for advanced tumorsJelle Ruurda
14:55-15:10Esophageal cancer with Fanconi anemia/ Incidentally detected stomach cancer during robotic esophagectomyChang Hyun Kang
15:10-15:20Coffee Break
15:20-16:00Keynote Speech 2Application and Advantage of 3D ICG in esophageal Cancer Surgery (Sponsored by KARL STORZ)Yin-Kai ChaoKuang-Tai Kuo
Po-Chih Chang
16:00-16:45<Special Lecture>
The Value of UGIRA
The impact of a 1-year RAMIE FellowshipLana Fourie Richard van Hillergersberg
Jelle Ruurda
The Ugira fellowship: Mainz 2019Pieter van der Sluis 
UGIRA Fellowship 2022-23: The Taipei experienceEvangelos Tagkalos
16:45-17:00<Main Plenary>
Topic 3
RAMIE: How I Teach It /How I Learn It
RAMIE: How I teach itM. Blair MarshallHyun Koo Kim
Wen-Chien Huang
17:00-17:15Implementation of a successful robotic-assisted surgery oesophageal programmeRichard van Hillergersberg
17:15-17:30Transhiatal Robotic Esophagectomy with cervical vídeo dissectionRubens A A Sallum
17:30-17:45Robotic Salvage Esophagectomy: tips and tricksFlavio Roberto Takeda
17:45-18:00RAMIE: How I teach itAbbas E. Abbas
Room 203
TimeSessionSpeech TitleSpeakerModerator
General Assembly
16:30-16:40Free Paper Session
(Surgical Video)
Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication with the presence of double trouble- a large left lobe of the liver and an aberrant left hepatic artery- tips and tricks Geraldine LeiInderpal Sarkaria
Ke-Cheng Chen

16:40-16:50Redundant conduit after RAMIE : a rare complicationANNE MOURREGOT
16:50-17:00Real-time surgical navigation for robotic gastrectomyGuowei Kim
17:00-17:10Robotic Sleeve Gastrectomy: An Ideal Starting Procedure for Robotic Upper GI and Bariatric SurgeryTiffany Lye
17:10-17:20Total minimally invasive thoracolaparoscopic esophagectomy with total mediastinal lymphadenectomyVVN RAJU Kalidindi
17:20-17:30Perioperative Outcomes and Prognosis of Robotic-Assisted Esophagectomy in Esophageal CancerTakeo Fujita
17:30-17:40Comparison of Short-Term Outcome of Esophagectomy between Open, Hybrid Laparoscopic and Robotic-Assisted Surgery: a Retrospective Single-Center Cohort StudyMazen Juratli
17:40-17:50Effect of thoracic cage width on surgery time and postoperative outcome in minimal-invasive esophagectomyEren Uzun
17:50-18:00Hybrid or Full-RAMIE? Comparing the Efficacy of 200 Robot-Assisted Esophagectomy (RAMIE) ProceduresMazen Juratli
1st UGIRA Congress (UGIRA 2023)
in conjunction with the 6th Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Society of Thoracic Surgeons
Daily Program
Room 201 
TimeSessionSpeech TitleSpeakerModerator
08:10-08:20Opening Ceremony
08:20-08:50Master Lecture Surgical anatomy for an optimal esophagectomyMiguel A. CuestaPeter Grimminger
Han-Shui Hsu
08:50-09:20The impact of minimally invasive surgery for Japanese‑style radical esophagectomy and its perspectiveHarushi UdagawaHiroyuki Daiko
Shah-Hwa Chou
09:20-09:50After 2,500 LAP/VATS MIEs, why consider RAMIEJames D. LuketichInderpal Sarkaria
Chung-Ping Hsu
09:50-10:05Round Table DiscussionMiguel A. Cuesta
Harushi Udagawa
James D. Luketich
Richard van Hillergersberg
Yin-Kai Chao
10:05-10:15Coffee Break 
10:15-10:35Keynote Speech 3Diverse applications of EasyEndo linear stapler in thoracic surgery (Sponsored by AMED)Yu-Wei Liu Shah-Hwa Chou
Po-Kuei Hsu
10:35-10:55"easyEndo, easier way " New instrument for thoracic surgery (Sponsored by AMED)Yi-Ying Lee
10:55-11:10<Main Plenary>
Topic 4:
Current Evidence and/or Ongoing RCT of RAMIE vs. MIE
Current status of RAMIE for esophageal cancerRichard van HillergersbergHarushi Udagawa
Abbas E. Abbas
11:10-11:25ROBOT-2 trial – updatePeter Grimminger
11:25-11:40Robotic Esophagectomy: Lessons learned from REVATE trialYin-Kai Chao
11:40-11:55Robotic Vs. laparoscopic Esophagectomy For Patients With Esophageal Cancer: Results of A Randomized Controlled Trial In South AmericaFlavio Roberto Takeda
12:10-12:50<Special Lecture>
Education Session
From There to Now: Building a higher standard of Care with Intuitive/Robotic Ecosystem (Sponsored by  Intuitive)Harmik J. SoukiasianJin-Shing Chen
12:50-13:05<Special Lecture>
Miscellaneous Robotic Surgery: Gastric and Pulmonary Diseases
Creativity in BronchoplastyM. Blair MarshallEn-Kuei Tang
13:05-13:20En Bloc Robotic Assisted Resection of T4 Superior Sulcus Tumors with Advanced Spinal Invasion. A Radical Hybrid ApproachAbbas E. Abbas
13:20-13:35Robotic surgery for GIST and rare tumoursAsif Chaudry Simon Law
13:35-13:50Reduced-port robotic radical gastrectomy for gastric cancerTing-Shuo Huang 
13:50-14:20Keynote Speech 4Evolution to Innovation of Japan Made robot, hinotori Surgical Robot System (Sponsored by Medicaroid)Jota IdaHiroyuki Daiko
14:20-15:20<Special Lecture>
Deep Dive Discussion
The prospect and development of robotic surgery in South KoreaChang Hyun KangDaniel S. Oh
Hyun Koo Kim 
Development of a new robotic surgical system in Hong Kong and Greater Bay AreaPhilip Chiu
The Current State of Robotic Surgery in JapanHiroyuki Daiko
Current state and Perspectives of Robotic surgery in BrazilRubens A A Sallum
15:20-15:30Coffee Break
15:30-16:10Keynote Speech 5Power Surgeon, Power up-anastomoses
Powered Circular Stapler, Powered Echelon + GST and HD1000i in Esophageal Cancer Surgery (Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Medtech)
Yin-Kai ChaoChung-Ping Hsu
Yao Fong
16:10-16:40<Special Lecture>
IRCAD & UGIRA Conjoining Session
(The implementation of MIS in the Upper GI)Bernard DallemagneSimon Law
Tsai-Wang Huang
(The evolution and limits of MIS development)Silvana Perretta
16:40-17:10Keynote Speech 6Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Changing the Adjuvant Treatment Landscape in Esophageal Cancer (Sponsored by BMS/ONO)Ching-Tso ChenHan-Shui Hsu
Yu-Chung Wu
17:10-17:25<Main Plenary>
Topic 5
New Technologies
Advanced Imaging Systems, Energy Devices, and Stapling in RAMIEInderpal SarkariaSeong Yong Park
Yi-Cheng Wu
17:25-17:40New approaches for esophageal cancer surgery with AR/AIJelle Ruurda
17:40-17:55Endoluminal Robotics for treatment of early GI neoplasiaPhilip Chiu
17:55-18:10Closing Ceremony
18:30-20:30Gala Dinner
Room 203
TimeSessionSpeech TitleSpeakerModerator
08:00-08:10Surgical Fundamentals 1
Sponsored by Yuan Yu Group CO., LTD.
OpeningTsai-Wang Huang 
08:10-08:30Small Pulmonary Nodule Localization: From CT-guide to CBCT to BTPNAYa-Fu Cheng
08:30-08:50Other Navigation SystemsYuan-Ming Tsai
08:50-09:10Basics of Veran Electromagnetic Navigation-guided LocalizationPo-Kuei Hsu
09:10-09:20Clinical application of Veran Electromagnetic Navigation-guided LocalizationYi-Ying Lee
09:20-09:30Case Sharing of Veran Electromagnetic Navigation-guided Localization (I)Chia Liu
09:30-09:50Case Sharing of Veran Electromagnetic Navigation-guided Localization (II)Hsiu-Ping Chou
10:10-10:20Coffee Break
12:00-12:40Lunch Symposium 1Deep-dive into The Role of Surgery in Advanced EGFR M+ NSCLC: From Real-word Data into Clinical Practice (Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim Taiwan Ltd.)Pei-Hsing ChenTsai-Wang Huang
12:40-12:50Free Paper Session
(Travel Grant )
Worldwide Surgical Techniques And Related Perioperative Outcomes After Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Gastrectomy (RAMIG): Results From The Multicenter International UGIRA Gastric RegistryCas De JonghPeter Grimminger
Ying-Chieh Su
12:50-13:00A new concept of the anatomy of the supracarinal esophagus: the supracarinal mesoesophagusRomy Charlotte van Jaarsveld
13:00-13:10Deep learning-based recognition of key anatomical structures during robot-assisted minimally invasive esophagectomyRobin den Boer
13:10-13:20Analysis of Perioperative Costs for Robotic and Open GastrectomyYuki Hirata
13:20-13:30Robotic-assisted Minimally Invasive Ivor Lewis esophagectomy(RAMIE): is this the way to a better thoracic lymphadenectomy?Cecilia Turolo
13:30-13:40Outcomes after robot-assisted minimally invasive esophagectomy: review of 1000 patients in a single centerYang Yang
13:50-14:00Free Paper SessionParahiatal hernia: a rare case of diaphragmatic hernia robotically repairedFrancesca PecchiniIvo A.M.J. Broeders
Cheau-Feng Lin
14:00-14:10Left thoracoscopic repair of iatrogenic esophageal ruptureAlexandros
14:10-14:20Robot Assisted Transabdominal Transhiatal Resection As A Rescue Treatment For Locoregional Recurrence Due Gastric CancerRAUL PINILLA
14:20-14:30Diagnosis of esophageal motility disorder in patients using Esophagography and Confirmed by High-resolution Esophageal ManometryKuan Hsun Lin
14:30-14:40Robot-assisted esophagectomy (Ivor-Lewis) for a complex benign stenosis previous managed by open gastrostomy tube placementWerner Kneist
14:40-14:50Coffee Break
14:50-15:00Free Paper SessionClinical outcomes of robotic and laparoscopic gastrectomy using propensity score mathing method: data of 5-year period in a Korean high-volume gastric cnacer centerYo-Seok ChoFlavio Roberto Takeda
Wu-Wei Lai
15:00-15:10A prospective single-group clinical study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of the SynchroSeal articulating bipolar system for robotic gastrectomy in gastric cancer patientsJi-Hyeon Park
15:10-15:20Role of Subserosal Injection of Indocyanine Green Tracer in Near Infrared Fluorescence Imaging Guided Laparoscopic D2 Lymphadenectomy for Resectable Gastric CancerSyed Nusrath
15:20-15:30Pattern of lymph node metastases in gastric cancer: a side-study of the multicenter LOGICA-trialLianne Triemstra
15:30-15:40Safety and Efficacy Outcomes of Three port bikini line Sleeve, Gastrectomy Versus Conventional Sleeve Gastrectomyprospective cohort studySherif Mohamed Albalkiny
15:50-16:00Free Paper SessionOn Demand Robotic Gastrectomy With Dexter Distal MotionTM SystemFelix BerlthM. Blair Marshall
Ke-Cheng Chen
16:00-16:10Proctored adoption of robotically assisted hiatus hernia surgery: outcomes and learning curves in a high-volume UK centreGijs van  Boxel
16:10-16:20Short-term and long-term effects of recurrent laryngeal nerve injury after robotic esophagectomyYuxin Yang
16:20-16:30Development of an Automatic Annotation and Size Estimation System for Supporting Left Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Lymph Node Dissection in Robotic SurgeryShih-Chun Cheng
16:30-16:40Comparison Of Conventional And Robot-assisted Thoracoscopic Approach For Minimally Invasive Ivor-Lewis Esophagectomy A Snapshot Of The Italian RealitySimone Giacopuzzi
16:50-17:00Free Paper SessionThe Impact Of Paratracheal Lymphadenectomy On Short-term Clinical And Oncological Outcomes In Esophagectomy For Cancer: A National Propensity-score Matched AnalysisBerend Feike KingmaAsif Chaudry
Chang Hyun Kang
17:00-17:10Intraoperative Pyloric Drainage on Delayed Gastric Emptying following Esophagectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysisAung Myint Oo
17:10-17:20The specific location of the circular stapled anastomosis in minimal invasive esophagectomy affects postoperative outcomesEren Uzun
17:20-17:30Starting a Robot-Assisted Minimally Invasive Esophagectomy Programme in a Low-volume Unit and Meeting Benchmark OutcomesAnnalisa Ng
1st UGIRA Congress (UGIRA 2023)
in conjunction with the 6th Annual Meeting of the Taiwan Society of Thoracic Surgeons
Daily Program
Room 201 
TimeSessionSpeech TitleSpeakerModerator
08:15-08:25Rising-star Award Prognostic factors associated with 18FDG-PET/CT in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma after trimodality treatmentWei‐Hsiang FengChung-Ping Hsu
Shah-Hwa Chou
08:25-08:35Neoadjuvant Therapy Versus Upfront Surgery for Patients With Clinical Stage 2 or 3 Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Cost-Effectiveness AnalysisXing Gao
08:35-08:45CT-based Radiomic Analysis for Preoperative Prediction of Tumor Invasiveness in Lung Adenocarcinoma Presenting as Pure Ground-glass NoduleTzu-Ning Kao
08:45-08:55President AwardClinical Outcome of Intraoperative Recurrent Laryngeal Nerve Monitoring during Thoracoscopic Esophagectomy and Mediastinal Lymph Node Dissection for Esophageal CancerChang-Lun HuangJin-Shing Chen
Ching-Yuan Cheng
08:55-09:05Anatomic evaluation of Pancoast tumors using three-dimensional models for surgical strategy developmentZhen-Chian Chen
09:05-09:15Primary Tumor Resection for Stage IV Non-small-cell Lung Cancer Without Progression After First-Line Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Treatment: A Retrospective Case–Control StudyShuenn-Wen Kuo
09:15-09:30Coffee Break
09:30-10:00Special LectureThe role of anatomical sublobar resection in the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)Carlos Galvez MunozJin-Shing Chen
Wen-Chien Huang
10:00-10:30Keynote Speech 7Novel Treatment Strategies for Resectable NSCLC (Sponsored by AstraZeneca)Shang-Gin WuHan-Shui Hsu
Hung-I Lu
10:30-11:00Keynote Speech 8Set the bar for cure: Redefining the value of neoadjuvant IO in resectable NSCLC (Sponsored by BMS/ONO)Chien-Sheng HuangHsin-Yuan Fang
Bing-Yen Wang
11:00-11:30Special LectureExperience after various types of neoadjuvant treatment in resectable NSCLCSeong Yong ParkPei-Ming Huang
Mei-Lin Chan
11:30-12:00Keynote Speech 9Recent updates in early stage NSCLC: from neo-adjuvant  to adjuvant (Sponsored by Roche)Tsai-Wang HuangMong-Wei Lin
Chien-Sheng Huang
12:00-12:40Lunch Symposium 2easyEndo® Flex Innovative design and its advantages in Thoracic surgery
(Sponsored by Ezisurg Medical)
Pin-Li ChouHan-Shui Hsu
Yin-Kai Chao
easyEndo® Flex Clinical experience sharing in Chiayi Christian Hospital
(Sponsored by Ezisurg Medical)
Chia-Ming ChangShah-Hwa Chou
Cheng-Yen Chuang
Annual Meeting
Member's AssemblyJin-Shing Chen
Yin-Kai Chao
Room 203
TimeSessionSpeech TitleSpeakerModerator
09:00-09:10Surgical Fundamentals 2
Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Medtech
OpeningJin-Shing Chen 
09:10-09:30Fundamentals and pitfalls of 30 degree thoracoscopic surgeriesHung-Che Chien
09:30-09:50Surgical Site Infection NEW GuidelineYu-Jyun Fan 
09:50-10:05Science of EnergyHsu-Kai Huang 
10:05-10:20Science of Tissue Management  Cheng-Hung How
10:20-10:30Coffee Break
10:30-10:50Innovative solution of Chest Tube FixationYa-Fu Cheng 
10:50-11:10Science of EnergyHsu-Kai Huang 
11:10-11:30Advanced staple line securityCheng-Hung How
11:30-11:5030 degree thoracoscopic managementHung-Che Chien
11:50-12:05Certificate & ClosingJin-Shing Chen


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