About Taiwan

Taiwan has a broad array of tourism strengths, including 1,200 kms of coastline, 268 mountains above 3,000 meters, more than 100 hot springs, and the cultural diversity of 16 aboriginal ethnic groups. Taiwan’s friendly people, welcoming environment and diverse ecology help make its foods, festivals, culture, and natural ecology unique and unforgettable. Visit Taiwan, and truly know what a contented heart is!

Taiwanese cuisine is craved by food fans around the world. You shall never forget its resounding taste once you try it. Are you craving for it? Click here to see more.

Useful Information


In June the average temperature is 30°C, mostly hot and dry. The summer season is known as the most perfect time for a paddle in Taiwan, with perfect conditions for outdoor adventures like hiking in the island's amazing mountains and forests!


GMT + 8


The official currency in Taipei is the New Taiwan Dollars (NT$ or TWD) - ca. 1 US-$ = 30 NT$ = 0.95 €. Major credit cards including AMEX, Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted in major Taipei area establishments. We recommend to have NT$ cash on hand as many small places or cabs will take cash only. It is required to bring your passport when exchanging currency.


The official language in Taipei is Mandarin. English is widely spoken, especially by young people and in the cities, all major hotels and restaurants. Road signs and announcements on trains and buses are also given in English.


AC 110 V / 60Hz. For your electrical appliances you may need an adaptor and/or power converter.


The related measures are updated with the COVID-19 pandemic situation. For the latest policy, please see Taiwan Centers for Disease Control & Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

About Taipei

Taipei is Taiwan's economic, political, and cultural center. It is a modern cosmopolitan metropolis with a lively and diversified face, filled with exuberance.

From the tallest building of Taiwan to the biggest collection of Chinese art, Taipei invites you into a world of fascinating contrasts - a mix of the modern and traditional, with a generous dash of energy and friendly smiles to make this one of your most memorable trips to Asia.

The cultural kaleidoscope of Taiwan's capital city pulses wherever you go. Incense - veiled temples dating back to dynastic times blend seamlessly with a neon street life of a decidedly more modern era. Taipei has dozens of world - class restaurants where gourmets can sample the best regional Chinese cuisine; and for the gourmand, there are plenty of night markets serving up scrumptious evening snacks in an environment of chaotic excitement and fun.

The polarities of Taipei are vividly present as well in the joining of the urban and natural. Just a few minutes from the heart of the city you can soak away the cares of the world in mineral - rich hot springs nestled in the lush mountain foothills ringing the Taipei Basin. And throughout the city there are plenty of trails, parks and other oases of tranquility to lift and invigorate your spirits.

Taipei is a many-faceted treasure that will call you back again and again, discover the heart of Asia in beautiful Taipei!


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